Quick Condo Investment Tips For Beginners

Money and plant.

If your goal of buying a condominium is to make more money than what you put in, then your goal to make a condo investment. Investment comes in a lot of forms. Stocks, currencies, bonds and a lot of similar things. But what makes a condo investment unique is it is tangible, or something that you can touch and feel.

A good investment is something that promises to deliver a good yield while having a minimal risk. The later is the hard part. Just like every other investment, a condo investment requires a careful preparation before you try to put your money at anything. Always try to minimize the risk. How to do it, here are some things that must consider.


Look for high potential of future tenants. Tenants are the ones who will give you money(and profit) in exchange of utilizing your condo unit. Within the limits of mutual  agreement of course. Schools are on top of the list for the flowing source of students that can be tenants. Other good choices are the business districts while nearby tourist destinations is an increasing trend too. I have a post here about choosing a better condo location. I hope you find this helpful.

The Developer

Quality and integrity of the developer is a very important factor when choosing a condo investment. A lot of things hang in this criteria. Whether you are buying is a pre-development or a ready-for-occupancy condo, a developer that delivers good quality and excellent service is a top choice. See more about choosing a better condo developer here.


Surprised? Don’t be. One major criteria in investing is your commitment to it. Condo investing is not an overnight job. And whatever and however you do to make it the best investment, you cannot totally stop problems from happening. Nothing is perfect. Ignoring your part as a condo investor will only invite future problems and will make you think that investing is a bad idea.

If you’re new to condo investing, checking Amaia Skies Avenida or Amaia Steps Bicutan will give you a good start. See you at the showroom!


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