How To Reserve a Condo Unit


1. Use our form to schedule a site visit.

Using our form to request a computation or to schedule a site visit to any Amaia condo project is a fast way connect with one of our property specialists or agents. By making a site visit, you get know the project that you are going to invest in or buy.

2. Choose your unit.

Make sure that your desired condo unit is still available by confirming it with the property specialist assigned to you. Your property specialist can also recommend a better unit for you if you like, according to your preferences.

3. Choose your payment scheme.

Understanding your payment scheme is very important. Some payment schemes offer generous discounts, and some offer stretched downpayment without interest. If you are an investor, discounted payment terms will be best for you to maximize your return.

4. Pay the reservation fee.

After your choose a unit and finalized your payment term, it’s now time to finally pay the reservation fee for your condo unit. Always remember that your downpayment will commence in 30 days after the reservation date.

5. Submit required documents.

Along with your reservation fee, these documents will be required: photocopy of your 2 valid IDs, your Tax Identification Number(TIN) and Authorization Letter(if reservation is through a trusted representative).


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