Why Buy a Pre-Selling Condo

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Are you still thinking between buying a pre-selling condo and an RFO condo? Then let’s give it an end now. Pre-selling condos carry a lot more advantages than an RFO one. Here they are.

Pre-Selling Condo Can Be 30% Cheaper Than an RFO Condo

Based on previous projects, a pre-selling condo can be about 30% lower in price compared to an RFO condo. I am talking about condos at the same project. It is why this has become a very tempting opportunity for experienced condo investors. It is at this pre-selling stage where real estate investors buy units for as many as a whole floor.

Availability of Best Unit Locations at a Lower Price

If you have bought a condo before on a quality and fast-selling condo project like Amaia Steps Bicutan or Amaia Steps Sucat, you must have experienced getting in line (well, not literally) just to reserve a good condo unit location like the ones facing the amenities or with a fantastic view. It is because pre-selling stage is the only chance that you can get these best locations at a more affordable price. And generally, it is almost the only time that these units are available for you reserve one. Wait until it the condo is finished and expect a “left over” inventory at a higher price.

Fast Value Appreciation on Pre-Selling Condos

This is still connected to being an affordable condo unit during a pre-selling stage. Fast rapid value appreciation is attained while your condo transforms from being a concept into a reality. Or into something you can touch, feel and use. As a condo buyer, you can observe this through a series of price increases. But on the other side of the coin, prices increases are value appreciation in your favor.

Most Convenient Payment Scheme

The most convenient payment schemes can always be found on pre-selling condos. Take Amaia Skies Avenida for example. When the project was launched, buyers can avail 30 months to pay on downpayment without interest. Presently, the downpayment is already offered for 24 months without. It could have been more convenient if you both earlier. And you have avoided the price increase too.

With Pre-Selling Condos, You Get More Time to Prepare

Buying a condo is once in lifetime experience to most Filipinos. So a mistake is not an option here. Buying a pre-selling condo gives you enough time to consider a lot of things to get condo living experience that you desire. Things like the downpayment, budget for furnishings, interior design and even the financing options.

But in fairness to RFO, it has its own advantages as well. Advantages like the ones listed below.

1. Zero risk from in-completion.
2. What you see is what you get.
3. A new condo now.

Sounds great right? If your situation gives you no other option but to get an RFO condo, then you can still get it, at a price of course. The bottom line is, if you have time to spare, then it is smarter to choose a pre-selling condo project. It is because with a pre-selling condo, the odds are on your favor.


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