A New Trend In Condo Rental Investing

Amaia Skies Cubao - Model Unit 5

Short Term Condo Rental As a New Investment Trend

With the availability of new condominiums with spectacular amenities, condo owners and investors are getting into short-term condo rental business as another viable business  concept. Short term condo rental is done by running your condo rental business as if it is a hotel room. Investors with multiple units are a step forward with this kind of setup.  With beautiful amenities on your condominium, combined with cozy interior design, you can now attract tourists who are looking for a more affordable accommodation but with a experience that is also comparable to hotels and sometimes even better.

Better Than A Hotel Room

Compared to hotel rooms, short term condo rental offers some features that are not available in hotels. Aside from a more affordable rates, tenants of short term condo rental can enjoy activities such us having the opportunity to cook their own meal for them or their guests.

Condo units are more spacious too compared to a hotel room.

Availability Of Online Booking

To bring this new rental investments trend further, owners or investors of condominiums have no problem looking for new tenants for their condo units. With the availability of online condo booking websites, just register your condo property and watch your condo investment make money for you!  Though online condo booking websites may charge some fee on every transaction, the service is still a gift to rental condo owners.

Short Term Condo Rental – Ride The Trend

Interested in getting your own short term rental investment? Amaia Skies Avenida and Amaia Skies Sta.Mesa and Amaia Skies Cubao offers affordable but quality condo units at the heart of Metro Manila. The projects will have decent amenities and a convenience features that you can rarely find on other affordable condos. Amaia Skies condos is a development by Amaia Land Corp. which is a subsidiary by Ayala Land Inc.


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