Condo Buying Guide: How to Choose a Better Condo Location, Project and Developer

Are you thinking of buying a new condominium? Then this post is for you. We all know that a condo property is not cheap. Thanks to some desirable offers like the Amaia Affordable Condos that made buying a condo even more affordable.  For most Filipinos, buying a condo is dream come true. A fruit of long and hard labor. Having said that, it is fair to say that buying a condo is a very important event. A mistake is not an option.

Whether you are a local employee or an overseas foreign worker. this post should help you get the better condo property that you deserve. If you find this helpful, sharing this post as a means of saying thank you  will highly appreciated.

Condo Buying Guide #1: How to Choose a Better Condo Location


On ancient times, people tend to build their houses or communities where there is an abundant water supply. Some tried to defy this norm and eventually had to leave their towns when drought came, and never came back. In modern times, people are not so concerned with water supply anymore. Thanks to the availability of technologies like the piping system, people can normally live even in locations miles away from water supply. But has life has become more and more sophisticated. Aside from water, there a lot things that people needed in order to live happily and securely.

  • Near CBDs. Today, there is something that people can’t just live without,  a job or a livelihood. Just like water in ancient times, it is very important to live on a place where there is an abundant supply of jobs and opportunities. The existence of Central Business Districts (CBDs) is one of the best things that a city can offer. Choose a condo that gives you these advantages.  Or prepare to leave your home when crisis comes.
  • Near Schools. A good condo location must be in 30 minutes or less to at least 3 major schools. Schools and universities is an inevitable part of our lives specially to your children. Choosing a condo location that is conveniently located near schools is a big gift to them. This also saves you from the need of getting a dormitory that only increases your expenses.
  • Near Shopping Malls and Supermarkets. Let’s face it. Our living patterns are changing dramatically and shopping malls and other recreation centers has become a significant part of it. A good condo location should be nearby several shopping malls. Thanks to top real estate developers like Ayala Land Inc. for they are instead the ones bringing these convenience centers near our locations.
  • Near Hospitals. Things happen. Even the most undesirable ones like a health emergency or an accident. It is very important that your condo location is nearby several hospitals to always keep you ready to face these uncertain circumstances.

Affordable Condos With Better Locations:

1. Amaia Skies Cubao (Along EDSA. Beside Araneta Center.)
2. Amaia Skies Avenida ( Near University Belt.)
3. Amaia Skies Sta.Mesa (Near University Belt.)

Condo Buying Guide #2: How to Choose a Better Condo Project

Steps Pasig Scale 1

After you got your location right, it is now time for you to choose a better condo project. Just like location, the project itself will have an impact on your total satisfaction after you buy a condo. This will also become a big factor in terms of re-sell value or attracting tenants, in case you bought it for investment purposes. Now let’s look about the things that make a better condo project.

  • Condo Design. Design is the very first thing that gets noticed. You would want your condo’s beauty to be appreciated specially by your guests and visitor and even your potential tenants and buyers. If you found a condo to be appealing to the eyes, then it passed the first criteria. Take Amaia Steps Pasig with its modern and contemporary architectural design for example.
  • Convenience Features. Now let’s dig a little deeper. If you liked the design of the condo that you want to buy, it’s time to know if there is something more than meets the eyes about your prospective condo. Check for convenience features. That is one of the main purposes of buying a condo after all, for convenience. How strong is the condo project’s commitment to deliver convenience to its residents? Some convenience features include a concierge service, valet parking service, shuttle service, and some small but important things like the mail box facility, the lobby and the waste disposal system. The biggest trend nowadays is a retail area found at the convenience of your own condo building like The Stores at Amaia Steps condos.
  • Logistics Features. Logistics refers to ease of movement from one place to another either by your-self or with some things. How convenient can you freely move is determined by factors such as hallway width, number and capacity of passenger elevators and availability of service elevators.
  • Security Features. The most important feature that you should look for in condo is the security features. Check for fire safety features such as the number of fire detectors, fire exits and fire fighting equipment. The next security feature that you will need is the protection against unauthorized entry not only to your unit but to the building as well. A better condo project should have security camera on necessary locations.
  • Health Features. Modern condominiums should be equipped with healthy features. With the unhealthy lifestyles and habits that are so prevalent nowadays, the need for healthy condo features is on the rise. What are your condominiums healthy features? Amaia Steps Pasig’s jogging loop is a good example. You may also find sports facilities like a basketball or badminton courts, this is a good healthy feature to be in a condo.

Affordable But Quality Condo Projects: 

1. Amaia Steps Sucat (Near SM Sucat.)
2. Amaia Steps Bicutan (Near SM Bicutan.)
3. Amaia Steps Pasig (Near Tiendesiteas and Market-Market.)
4. Amai Steps Nova (Novaliches, Quezon City)

Condo Buying Guide #3: How to Choose a Better Condo Developer

Amaia Land

When you invest in a condominium, it means that you are also investing by means of trust on the developer who built or going to build your condo unit. As opposed to buying a single home from an isolated piece of land, a condominium project requires a lot of factors to make a successful condo community. Condo developers must be very qualified to make this modern and complex concept work. To find a better condo developer, you better look for these company traits.

  • Track Record. Track record does not only mean the length of time that the company is in business. It should also determine the quality of its projects and the passion it projected while doing it. Look for past publicity and awards. Amaia Land Corp.’s mother company (Ayala Land Inc.) is a multi-awarded real estate developer both local and abroad and has been developing real estate properties for more than five decades.
  • Commitment. While track record looks at the developer’s past, the commitment to deliver value will give you a glimpse about its future. This is very important if you are looking at a new or young company that doesn’t have a strong track record yet. To determine the developer’s commitment, check its capital investments like facilities and machinery and other assets. These are signs that the developer is in it for the long haul.
  • Stability. Most often, the size of a developer and its partners is good sign for stability. You can also determine a developer’s stability by looking at the challenges that it overcame in the past. You will notice that it is the big companies with strong partners are the ones that survived the challenges and crisis.
  • Customer Service. The most important thing about a good developer is that all the traits mentioned above are directed to give its customers an excellent buying experience – a good service. Look for testimonials from previous clients on how they were treated by the companies’ staff specially when there is a problem. Amaia Affordable Condos offers convenient buying and living experience and adopts a business process that eliminates problems even before they occur. Thus, saving the company and its customers from unnecessary problems in the future.

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