What Is Your Personality? A Unique Way To Choose a Condo That Suits You.

Amaia Steps Sucat - Affordable Condo

Amaia Steps Sucat. Affordable Condo With Retail Arcade.

Gone are the days when a new condominium is just a simple lobby, a common area with swimming pool,an elevator and a hallway leading to your condo unit. As long as it puts you in nice location right? But as people became more and more sophisticated, so as the new condominiums that are being offered today. Condominium amenities are only as unique as we can imagine.

Just like the clothes that we wear everyday, condominiums nowadays are not just a place for shelter. Condo amenities have become so diversely unique that you can almost always find a condo for every theme. It has become a way of expressing someone’s personality and priorities. Today, you can already tell something about a person just by the condo where he lives.

Try to look around Metro Manila for some condo projects, it is likely that you’ll be presented with any of these condominiums.

  • Sports Oriented Condos. Most common in condominiums nearby major schools.
  • Business Condominiums. Some even have a mini golf course and sky parks. Most common in the sky scrappers of Central Business Districts like the Makati CBD.
  • Resort Inspired Condominiums. These can be found in areas where lot prices are not as expensive as the CBDs. Commonly in village-like mid-rise condos setting.
  • Shopping Mall Condo. You’ve seen this one, haven’t you? They’re everywhere. Try to go shopping.
  • Eco-Friendly Condo. Amaia Steps Nuvali is an affordable condo, located at the country’s biggest eco-friendly, master-planned mix-use community in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.
  • Convenience Condo. A more affordable version of Condo With a Mall. Mostly mid-rise condos with retail arcade. Basically for ‘practical’ individuals.

You see? From location orientation, condominiums are becoming more of a personality oriented.

Now if your planning to buy a new condo in the near future, many people will still tell you almost the same thing – location, location, location. While this has been correct for a lot of situations, it is most likely to put us all in one place. The best location. No wonder why prime locations are often overpriced.

Well, let me change that a little bit. To find a condo that really suits you. Start by asking yourself a simple question. What is your personality? I’m sure you’ll get more better answers.


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