5 Reasons Why Amaia Steps Nuvali Is Your Quality Investment

Amaia Steps Nuvali

Amaia Steps Nuvali is an upcoming condo development in NUVALI, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, by Amaia Land Corp. You can request a sample computation here.

With the rise of new condo developments in the Philippines, choosing a quality condo investment has become more than just choosing the best location. NUVALI offers a new frontier in condo living. It gives you a chance to avail a quality condo investment that is unique, and at the same time, ridiculously affordable! Well, just for the time being. Here is why Amaia Steps Nuvali is your quality investment.

1. A Branded Investment – Amaia Steps Nuvali


A brand that stands for quality. A good investment is almost synonymous to a promise of future gain. Amaia Steps Nuvali and NUVALI itself is a quality development by a company this well known for its exceptional track record in the real estate industry and its fast appreciating properties for decades. From very high-end residential villages to the contry’s premier financial and business districts. Yes, I’m talking about the Ayala Land Inc.

2. High Potential For Value Appreciation

nuvali community center

Here we are again. As a real estate investor, how many times a real estate agent pitched you about the likes of pre-selling condo projects and associate it with value appreciation? Well, I will do you a favor and will not talk about that again.

Except that Amaia Steps Nuvali is the first mid-rise condo in a one of a kind development that lets you invest your money before the construction goes full swing and increase its value and its price. Amaia Steps Nuvali is located in NUVALI, the biggest eco-living community in the country today.

 3. A Very Promising Rental Market

 A condo rental investor’s dream come true. When talking about a rental market or a market of any industry, size does matter, big time. And talking about size, NUVALI is 1600 hectares of meticulously planned community that comprises of quality schools like Xavier School Nuvali almost beside Amaia Steps Nuvali, retail establishments, leisure parks, industrial parks and every reason to attract any potential tenant. He may be an eco-loving tourist, a student or a temporarily assigned executive. Your list is as long as the beautiful and gently sloping roads of Nuvali.

 4. Amaia Steps Nuvali Is Also Your Green Investment

nuvali fun activities

While almost everybody is turning “green” to save our planet, NUVALI is the greenest investment there is in real estate. With trees from almost every corner of this gigantic green development and Amaia Steps Nuvali is proud to be a part of it.

New at Nuvali? Here are some of the fun activities that will make you fall in love with Nuvali:

  • jogging
  • biking
  • boating
  • fish feeding
  • wake boarding!

and of course,

  • shopping
  • dining.

5. Affordable and Affordable

As I write this post, an investor like you can still avail a 31 Sq.M. unit starting at Php1.4M. Amaia Steps Nuvali is the most affordable mid-rise condo project by Amaia Land Corp. It has rare previlage to be located at one of the most promising developments by Ayala Land Inc. – the NUVALI.

Yes I know, this is such a bargain. Contact us now for the latest price or for an appointment with one of our agents.

Amaia Steps Nuvali – Get Your Sample Computation Here.


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